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Founder/ Managing Director

Steven Ong Kian Fatt

Steven has more than 38 years of experience and knowledge in the construction industry coupled with extensive research experience. He began his career in 1984 in the construction industry. He then moved on and became a land and real estate appraiser within the building and construction industry.

Then, he spent some years in the Aviation and Security industry specializing in high-altitude platform services. Here, he discovered the rigorous multitasking requirements for materials used in high altitude platform. This is due to difficult working conditions such as high temperature and aggressive environment, as well as mechanical load. There is a need to use engineering material that is a functional material with a higher service temperature in addition to being lightweight and resistant to corrosion.

Coupled with this knowledge and based on his experience as an appraiser, Steven examined the whole ecosystem of the real estate and construction industry to derive the obvious gap between building cost vs revenue of developers. Here, he saw an opportunity to develop and use a cost effective sustainable construction material in addition to enhancing building efficiency and quality. This led to the innovation and use of similar engineering materials from high altitude platform into the construction industry. Hence, the birth of STARBAR ™, a high performance sustainable nanotechnology Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Rebar aka green “steel”.

Through the years, Steven has also been associated with the fiberglass industry for more than twenty years, In addition he has also worked on many developments in the aviation, marine, construction and automotive manufacturing industries in collaboration with a few foreign agencies.

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